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6 Reasons to Travel to Mallorca and Menorca This Year

Posted by Sandra Thomas-Comenole on Jul 8, 2022 9:00:00 AM
If you are looking for an excellent beach vacation, intermingled with layers of history, Michelin Star cuisine, outdoor adventures and much more, then look no further than the sun-drenched Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain. But if that doesn't have you convinced, check out this blog post on 6 Reasons to Travel to Mallorca & Menorca This Year

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Stunningly beautiful photo-ops
6 Reasons to Travel to Mallorca and Menorca This Year

Imagine swimming, sunbathing and relaxing at some of the most beautiful beaches along the Mediterranean. In fact, in Spain there are no private beaches meaning the entire coastline is open for you to explore! But the stunningly beautiful photo-ops extend beyond the azure seas and sandy seaside to include quaint whitewashed towns, hilltop villages, ancient Talayotic sites, stunning sunsets and sunrises...

6 Reasons to Travel to Mallorca and Menorca This Year

The Balearic Islands are a quick flight from any European destination. And starting this year, a nonstop flight is available from Newark airport to Mallorca, making a stop here a must on your European itinerary. 

Michelin Star Cuisine
6 Reasons to Travel to Mallorca and Menorca This Year

From seaside seafood to country inns and villas, the Balearic Islands boast multiple Michelin Star dining opportunities. Try one or try them all, the choice is yours! Beyond Michelin Stars you will find a plethora of great eats including tastings vineyards and olive groves, molecular gastronomy, seafood galore and all the paella you can eat. And one interesting tidbit is that the discovery of mayonnaise is believed to have been in Menorca.


6 Reasons to Travel to Mallorca and Menorca This Year

With 22 golf courses in Mallorca alone, you won't be far from the green. So golfers pack your bags and head to Mallorca and Menorca - golf clubs in tow!  

Boat Culture
6 Reasons to Travel to Mallorca and Menorca This Year

Whether you are sipping champagne aboard a chartered yacht, sea kayaking in the Mediterranean or raising the main sail; the Balearic Islands have got you covered. Being a series of islands, its not too surprising that there is a deep boat culture here! 

Layers of History
6 Reasons to Travel to Mallorca and Menorca This Year

From prehistoric Talayot monuments until present, the history that the Balearic Islands pack is amazing. For example, through its history Menorca has been taken over and ruled by the Ancient Greeks, Carthaginian Pirates, the Roman Empire, Germanic Vandals, Norman Vikings from Scandinavia and Islamic Moors before being retaken by the Spanish in 1287. These different periods of rulership are visible in the art and architecture and come through in its culture. And each island has a different historic record - why not explore them all!

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