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10 Destinations For Olive Oil Connoisseurs

Posted by Sandra Thomas-Comenole on Aug 18, 2022 2:32:11 PM
A very important symbol of the Mediterranean, the olive tree, its fruits and the oil produced from them, have long been a common ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine dating back 6000 years. In ancient times, olive oil was also used for a variety of purposes including as lamp fuel, pharmaceutical ointment and in anointing rituals for warriors, royalty and other important people. Today, olive oil is commonly used as a cooking ingredient or enjoyed with a loaf of bread and a glass of fine wine. Olive oils differ based on a variety of factors including when the olives are picked and where the olives are grown. If you love olive oil, travel to these 10 Destinations For Olive Oil Connoisseurs.

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Mendoza, Argentina

10 Destinations For Olive Oil Connoisseurs

Across Argentina and the rest of the world, the name Mendoza has become synonymous with wine. With a lively daytime atmosphere and vibrant nightlife, this city is a prime destination for visiting the cosmopolitan cafés, sampling local wines on a vineyard tour, or escaping on an adventure to the Andes.

Suggested Olive Oil Excursion: Maipú Wine And Olive Oil Tour
Heading east 20 minutes from Mendoza city is one of the oldest wine regions in Mendoza with many aged adobe buildings and old vineyards intermingled with olive trees. Maipú, a gem of a region steeped in rich wine making heritage and tradition is also famous for the excellent Olive Oil it produces. Here you will find over 100 year old vines and Olive trees planted together by the Italian immigrants that settled in the region. On this tour we will:• Visit a boutique winery in the morning and taste premium wines with a private tastings exclusively for Mendoza Wine Camp.• Head to a small Olive Oil factory to learn about the process, and taste Olive Oil.• Finish with a relaxing 3-course food and wine pairing lunch on our third and final winery.• We will see a mix of wineries, combining the historic and family owned wineries with new projects that are part of the renaissance of this noble region.

How to get to Mendoza, Argentina? Travel to Mendoza with our Argentina Explorer 

Mallorca, Spain

10 Destinations For Olive Oil Connoisseurs

The island of Mallorca combines the scenic beauty of the land and the sea. The coast is blessed with long stretches of sandy beaches, secret coves, and plenty of sunshine. The interior is dotted with picturesque villages steeped in history and the layered heritage of the Romans, Arabs, and Christians who have conquered and settled the area.
Suggested Olive Oil Excursion:  Olive Oil And Wine Culture Tour
In the Mediterranean culture, the olive tree and its products; oil, olive and wood have been our iconic and binding element for many years. This experience will immerse us in the history, culture and production of the incomparable Mallorcan olive oil. Our Mallorcan Oleologist will open the doors of his own house and show us the history and explain the process around Mallorcan oil, as well as offering a tasting of this precious treasure. At the end of our visit to the Tafona, we will go to the probably best rural hotel in Mallorca to taste 3 varieties of our wines (white, rosé and red) accompanied by an exclusive Mallorcan aperitif on a wonderful terrace with views of the Serra de Tramuntana, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This visit will not leave anyone disappointed!

How to get to Mallorca, Spain? Travel to Mallorca with our Madrid And Barcelona And Mallorca Highlights


Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy10 Destinations For Olive Oil Connoisseurs

Home to Chianti wine, the Medicis and the Strozzis, Michael Angelo's David, Elba Island where Napoleon was exiled, and the legendary cities of Florence and Pisa, Tuscany is the fertile crescent of Italy where art, history and the pleasures of life shine on. Evergreen landscapes and breathtaking sights serves as cradle to the Italian culture and civilisation to thrive, and it remains today as one of the most appreciated Italian regions - one where the visitor might need to pinch on their arm to know they are not dreaming.

Suggested Olive Oil Excursion: Olive Oil Tasting
Enjoy a private tour of the property including our family chapel which dates back to 1625 and historic olive-mill, followed by an educational opportunity to learn about the italian olive oil. We will teach you how to taste our award winning olive oils.

How to get to Arezzo, Italy? Travel to Arezzo with our The Ultimate Umbria And Tuscany Private Journey

Corfu, Greece
10 Destinations For Olive Oil Connoisseurs

Immortalized in Homer’s great epic and covered with Cypress trees, firs and olive groves, Corfu has long been a welcoming sight for weary travelers. With the best sailing waters in the Mediterranean, quiet coves such as Paxoi Island and a complimentary combination of Venetian and Greek flavors, the Ionian Islands are a magnet for foodie yachters.
Suggested Olive Oil Excursion:  The Governor Olive Mill Tour With Olive Oil Tasting
Visit the birthplace of the multi-awarded winning and first health claim olive oil in the world. The Dafnis Family, producers of "The Governor", welcome and introduce you to an unforgettable olive oil experience. An experience which travels you back in time, learns you about the Dafnis olive history. Learn all about truths and myths of olive oil, from Olive Experts, taste one of the highest phenolic olive oils in the world and receive a certificate of participation.

How to get to Corfu, Greece? Travel to Corfu with our Corfu Escapade

Valencia, Spain

10 Destinations For Olive Oil Connoisseurs

Valencia is one of the most vibrant cities in Europe. With a privileged location by the Mediterranean sea, it offers a perfect combination of beaches and culture, past and present. The birthplace of paella, it boasts a thriving food scene featuring Michelin starred restaurants as well as quirky tapas bars. Its neighbourhoods come to life during traditional festivals like Las Fallas, and every night is lively in trendy districts like Ruzafa or El Carmen.

Suggested Olive Oil Excursion: Wine Tour And Olive Oil
This tour will give your taste buds a real delight with a unique experience in two steps. Visit to one wine estate and one olive oil press in the Utiel-Requena’s zone, one hour from Valencia. Very important: The visit around the olive oil press is in Spanish but you will be given an explanatory document in English in order to follow and understand the tour. In summer this tour can be done in the morning or at the end of the afternoon.

How to get to Valencia, Spain? Travel to Valencia with our Artistic Barcelona And Valencia Escapade By Rail

Verona, Italy10 Destinations For Olive Oil Connoisseurs

Verona, "the city of love," is world famous for its magnificent Arena and its association with Shakespeare’s love story, "Romeo and Juliet." It is Italy's fourth-most-visited city making it one of the most important tourist destinations in Italy, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A city that will charm you with its elegance, warmth and easy-going atmosphere.

Suggested Olive Oil Excursion: Wine And Olive Oil Tours
Wine and olive oil experiences. A fabulous journey with detailed description of the Valpolicella wines and taste 3 types of Valpolicella wines with snacks. Then a visit to an olive oil factory in the Verona hillside (“Toscana del Nord”…“Tuscany of the North”) including a stroll through the olive groves where you will learn all the secrets of the cultivation & production of this ancient and precious plant.

How to get to Verona, Italy? Travel to Verona with our Taste Of Lake Garda And Verona

Sicily, Italy10 Destinations For Olive Oil Connoisseurs

The sunny island of Sicily, the Mediterranean’s largest, is a place of wonder. Over the centuries Sicily has been home to Greek, Roman, Arab, and Norman settlers through various periods of history. This combination of civilizations has created a unique culture with a charm of its own. With medieval towns, seemingly endless countryside, beautiful beaches and majestic mountains, Sicily is an island like no other.

Suggested Olive Oil Excursion:  Guided Oil, Wine And Typical Products Tasting
You will be welcomed with a welcome drink and through the guided olive grove tour you will discover our history and the production process of our DOP Mount Etna extra virgin olive oil. In this route you will be able to personally see our olive trees and our vegetable garden. You will have the opportunity to make a guided tasting of our oils (4 monocultivare and 1 DOP), typical products and wines of Etna. Finally you can relax among the olive trees or on the terrace to enjoy a fantastic scenery.

How to get to Sicily, Italy? Travel to Sicily with our Discover Sicilian Charm Self Drive Vacation

10 Destinations For Olive Oil Connoisseurs

Travel to Croatia, also known as the country of a thousand islands, beautifully situated on the Adriatic Coast. If you have ever dreamed about a secluded island vacation, this is the place for you. Tour packages to Croatia offer both outdoor adventures as well as an insider's look at their unique mix of history and cuisine.

Suggested Olive Oil Excursion: Divine Wine & Olive Oil Tasting In Istria Full-Day Tour
If you are looking for enjoying the Istria region in just one day then you are on the right spot. On this tour, you will be entertained with a very approachable and easy-going style by discovering the gems of the Istria peninsula. In Rovinj, you will fall in love with this romantic city because the city does not carry the epithet of the most romantic Croatian city for no reason. Continue your tour to the small & indescribably charming city of Vodnjan where you will visit a small family farm and enjoy wine & olive oil tasting. Moreover, our hosts will provide an exciting experience by tasting their top wines and olive oils, introduce you with the wine and olive tradition of the region. After that, you have an option to spent some time in the city of Pula or enjoy traditional Istrian 3-course lunch. Or do both :) Discover Istrian cities and savor some of Istria’s most celebrated wines & olive oils. Join us and enjoy the stunning landscape of Istria with the glass of wine in your hand!

How to get to Istria, Croatia? Travel to Croatia with our Jewels of Croatia

Alentejo, Portugal

10 Destinations For Olive Oil Connoisseurs

The fascinating country of Portugal is one of the oldest nations in Europe. With the Atlantic Ocean bordering its entire west coast, it is a land of sunny beaches and a rich, sea-faring past. Choose from vacation packages that allow for excellent swimming and water sports, or inland Portugal tours that boast some of the finest golf courses in Europe. With its beautiful cities, charming villages and friendly people, Portugal offers a truly special travel experience.

Suggested Olive Oil Excursion: Alentejo Olive Oil Tour
This is a unique tour as you will visit Alentejo producers with unique and superior quality products, and will have contact with the local culture in an exclusive and premium way. The day of the tour starts with pick up at your place of stay in Lisbon or central Alentejo, where you will be transported to the properties where you will explore Alentejo products. This is a gastronomic tour focused on the exploration of olive oil and olives. Customers will explore the olive grove and take a guided olive oil tasting with the producer. Lunch will be served on the farm or in a regional restaurant, depending on availability. To finish off in a big way we will have a premium wine tasting and a guided tour in a winery in the Alentejo region. After the end of activities, clients will return to their place of stay between Lisbon and Central Alentejo.

How to get to Alentejo, Portugal? Travel to Portugal with our Flavors of Lisbon


Kalamata, Greece

10 Destinations For Olive Oil Connoisseurs

Kalamata is a small coastal city with gorgeous beaches, stunning architecture, and plenty of chances to sample the delicious namesake olives.

Suggested Olive Oil Excursion: Tasting Kalamata – An Introduction To Food Treasures
Taste your way through a selected route in Kalamata. During this 2,5 - 3 hour tour, we will visit the most charming side of Kalamata while popping in and out of selected family shops learning about tastes and traditions of our city. Our local guides are excellent storytellers and they will transport you through time and the history of food. Small samples of regional traditional food and lunch are included in our tour while you explore non-touristic parts of Kalamata.

How to get to Kalamata, Greece? Travel to Greece with our Athens And Mythical Peloponnese Private Journey



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