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Destinations of Sicily

Posted by Sandra Thomas-Comenole on Oct 21, 2021 7:00:00 PM

The sunny island of Sicily, the Mediterranean’s largest, is a place of wonder. Over the centuries Sicily has been home to Greek, Roman, Arab, and Norman settlers through various periods of history. This combination of civilizations has created a unique culture with a charm of its own. With medieval towns, seemingly endless countryside, beautiful beaches and majestic mountains, Sicily is an island like no other. Keytours Vacations offers tailor-made and custom packages and day trips to destinations throughout Italy! 

Agrigento | Sicily | Italy Travel | Keytours Vacations

Well sited and awash with medieval atmosphere, the destination is not visited for the town itself. The interest instead focuses on the substantial remains of Pindar's "most beautiful city of mortals", a couple of miles below. Here, strung out along a ridge facing the sea, is a series of Doric temples – the most captivating of Sicilian Greek remains and a grouping unique outside Greece.

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Ragusa | Sicily | Italy Travel | Keytours Vacations

Visit this timeless destination where mountains, sun and sea converge for an unforgettable vacation. Let us guide you through the famous skyline punctuated by the towers, domes and cupolas of the many exquisite churches for which the province is known. Situated on a white limestone hill and nestled between two deep valleys, you'll discover the many places in Ragusa that remain unspoiled.

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palermo | Sicily | Italy Travel | Keytours Vacations

Capital of the beautiful region of Sicily, Palermo is a fascinating hidden gem and a busy port city that brims with energy. Continuously changing, this city has reclaimed its place among Europe’s cultural cities. Palermo is full of sights and treasures: from Baroque churches and glorious Norman-Gothic architecture to Art Nouveau villas and lively markets – the flamboyant spirit of Palermo can be found down every corner of the city's chaotic streets.

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catania | Sicily | Italy Travel | Keytours Vacations

Charismatic seaside Catania is a young, dynamic soul, inhabiting a body of narrow alleys and ornate Baroque buildings mounted on top of well-preserved remains of ancient Greek and Roman settlements. Mount Etna defines the cityscape both in terms of the striking panorama and building material - Catania is even referred to as the "grey city" for the color of lava rocks used to construct many of its buildings.

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Tour the city of Siracusa and discover its Greek heritage and tantalizing modern traditions. Located near the southeastern corner of Sicily, Siracusa is built on an ancient Greek settlement. More than any other modern city in Sicily, it manifests a visible continuity from its ancient Greek past, both historical and mythological.

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taormina | Sicily | Italy Travel | Keytours Vacations

Over the years, Taormina has been a source of inspiration for artists from all over the world. Celebrated as the idyllic destination par excellence, it represents the ideal place to escape from the chaos of city life.

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trapani | Sicily | Italy Travel | Keytours Vacations

Trapani is one of the most romantic places in Sicily, and arguably all of the Mediterranean littoral. Characterised by long stretches of coast and coastal plains, this city is littered with lavish monuments and palaces, historical sites, windmills, near islands and a countryside that begs to be explored. By night, the region should be enjoyed over a glass of Marsala wine and fine food at a beachside restaurant, ideally facing west so one can enjoy some of the most spectacular sunsets in Europe.

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cefalu | Sicily | Italy Travel | Keytours Vacations

This popular vacation town is brimming with history and amenities: delicious restaurants, modern and antique shops, the 12th century cathedral, and lively nightlife. It is a beautiful beach town full of contrasts and natural beauty. The area can become very crowded during the summer months, as it is one of the top destinations in Sicily.

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