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  • We had a great time and every connection and detail was spot on. We loved our Hotel, the Garibaldi... the location was perfect since it was just a few blocks from the termini for public transportation. In Taormina, we walked up the hill to the Teatro Greco which had views of the snow covered Mount Etna ... not exaggerating, this was the most beautiful thing we had ever seen.

    Here are a few of the photos from our vacation including a selfie with the Greek Theater in Taormina in the background, a view of the Della Maggiore Cathedral from their hotel room and a few dishes from one of our favorite meal.

    Greek Theater in Taormina Selfie Della Maggiore Cathedral - Italy Leon d'Oro Italy Restaurant
  • We felt lucky that our group was small and really nice. They were up for seeing anything (sometimes the guide gave us a choice to see inside synagogues or churches). We wanted to see everything and so did they! The tour guide was awesome! Spoke English really well. The tour itself was also great; we felt like we really saw the highlights of the cities we visited. Hotels were great! You could not beat the view of the old city.
    The "local" meal was one of our favorites! After having been to India where we couldn't eat or drink anything that was not in our hotels, it was a treat to be able to try things in the market - even street food if we wanted. We felt safe the whole time; My daughter and I even took a cab by ourselves to explore Rabat. We walked though the market and along the beach and were totally comfortable. We all loved the trip. One of my favorite parts was being able to take a picture in front of the Air Force base where I was born.
    Morocco Travel Experience | Keytours Vacations   Morocco Travel Experience | Keytours Vacations   Morocco Travel Experience | Keytours Vacations